Odor Eliminator

Naturally Fresh™ Eliminates Odors Without Fragrances


All Natural Odor Eliminator



Fresh is a powerful, all natural odor eliminator that works by encapsulating foul odors and permanently neutralizing them on contact. Fresh should be sprayed directly onto the odor source and allowed to dry. As the area dries, the odor molecules are permanently eliminated.

Fresh is safe for use on hard and porous surfaces, including fabric, upholstery and carpet.   


Hypo-allergenic and safe for use indoors or outdoors, Fresh has a clean scent derived from its natural ingredients.  It's NOT a masking agent or room spray.  No fragrances, man-made chemicals, enzymes or alcohol are added.  Fresh is formulated with 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients which include plant extracts, and is safe for use around people & pets.  Available in 32 oz. or 1 gallon ready-to-use spray.


Applications for Fresh™ advanced odor control technology




  • cigarette & cigar odors

  • cooking odors

  • body odors

  • pet odors

  • urine odors

  • mildew

  • gasoline

  • and more!




  • all clothing, caps, hats & gloves

  • all footwear: shoes, sneakers, boots & socks

  • helmets & all sports gear 

  • carpeting, flooring & mats

  • kitchens & bath rooms

  • upholstery, auto interiors

  • draperies & bedding

  • basements & crawl space

  • pet beds & crates

  • boats, RV's, campers & tents



  • rental cars, limousines, buses & cabs

  • police & fire protective vests & equipment

  • locker rooms, sports bags & gear

  • kennels & doggie day care facilities

  • public rest rooms & portable toilets

  • health clubs, gyms, spas

  • hotel rooms, motels & vacation rentals

  • hospital rooms 

  • medical & dental offices, waiting rooms

  • nursing homes, assisted living centers

  • daycare centers, church nurseries

Fresh™ for fabrics, uniforms, characters, costumes and more

Fresh was originally developed for costumes that could not be easily laundered or regularly cleaned in the motion picture industry.  At the end of a day's filming on remote locations, Fresh was applied to the elaborate, custom costumes.


Fresh has been used on the sets of many well known films by motion picture costumer Cheri Scout Reed, who praised the way Fresh neutralized the unbearable odors.  After applying Fresh to the costumes at the end of the day’s shooting, Reed said “it was unbelievable!  Fresh neutralized the foul smell of these costumes so well the actors thought we were giving them new costumes in the morning.  Fresh is one of those amazing finds that makes our jobs faster and easier.”    



Fresh has been field tested and is safe for use on:

  •  Mascot & theme park costumes, character heads

  • Uniforms, jackets, outerwear & accessories

  • Hats, caps, helmets & headwear

  • Shoes, sneakers & footwear

  • Street clothing, gloves & socks

  • Public safety uniforms, body armor, protective vests & backpacks

  • Props of all kinds - rubber, neoprene, resins, latex, foam, leather