Natural All Purpose Cleaner


All Natural Odor Eliminator


OneClean™ all natural cleaner deep cleans, shines and deordorizes all hard and porous surfaces in one easy step! 


Replaces all other chemical cleaners and is 100% safe for people, pets and the environment. 


Natural lemon grass scent leaves surfaces fresh smelling without chemical fumes or residue. 


Simply spray and wipe surfaces clean, then buff to a streak free shine with a clean, dry cloth. 


Powerful plant-based spray derived from coconut oil, palm oil and other natural ingredients.




Spritz, Clean & Shine Every Surface:


  • glass, granite & other gloss surfaces

  • sinks, showers, toilets & baths

  • vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood & marble floors

  • streak free mirrors

  • stainless steel appliances & grills

  • baby's rooms & toys

  • outdoor patio furniture,

  • automobiles, boats & RV's

  • decks & siding  

OneClean™ eliminates the need, extra expense and clutter of multiple cleaning products for glass, mirrors, flooring, walls and counter surfaces.  Simplify the process with this powerhouse, multi-purpose cleaner suitable for all hard and porous surfaces.  Using the latest in nanotechnology, OneClean™ penetrates stubborn stains, grease and grim with its natural oils, lifting them with ease.  Just spritz, wipe and buff to a clean shine!